Hermes Conner Forst

Hermes was the Greek Messenger God, and would protect thieves, runners, and travelers. Legend says when he was born, he stole Apollo's cattle, and Apollo managed to catch him and take him to Zeus to complain, who chose to ignore him and laughed it off. To apologize for stealing his cattle, Hermes gave Apollo a lyre that he had invented. He would often play tricks on the other gods either for his own amusement, or to protect the humans. Hermes appears in many other myths including The Odyssey, where he give Odysseus a magic herb to protect him from Circe's powers.

Three Character traits of Hermes are that he is cunning and sneaky, but he is also friendly. He is cunning, witch is shown when the myth states that "Hermes was known to be... stealing things from other gods and putting them in unbelievable locations." Hermes is shown to be cunning for the same reasons, he was able to trick Apollo, whom has the gift of prophecy, and get his cows without him knowing. The friendly part of it comes from when he gives Apollo the lyre as payment for stealing his cows

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