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Ever since I can remember the video games I played demanded a type of viewer, I don't mean the person playing the game but either in the real world we would have an on lookers or in the game there would be spectators in the back ground.

Cast you mind back to old games like Street Fighter,

StreetFighter 2

The majority of the games would host a range of odd looking characters in the backgrounds, With generic movement and basic reactions regardless as to what's actually happening in the game.

Although the gameplay and graphics of the game have come leaps and bounds in years since, The experience is pretty much all based around the players of the game.

StreetFighter 5

Now admittedly from a players prospective that's what's wanted, better game AI, better graphics a richer experience.

The need to evolve the generic crowd behind has never been a necessity and in most people's opinion, it still isn't ! And I know why!.

Our opinion of what's wanted from a game comes from the prospective of the game player! But what if that wasn't always the case?.

What if you or you and friends just wanted to watch the game being played? Well the easiest method would be to simple sit with a friend and watch them play the game or go online and use media like YouTube or twitch and watch uploads of game play.

YouTube and Twitch

I envisage another way! A way to bridge the gap between player and viewer in such a way that the lines of devision simply vanish!

Let's go back to the crowds in games and have a look at them in today's games.

Ea sports crowd

Although the in game graphics and Ai have improved dramatically the concept behind them remains the same,

There's are a few unique aspect to them that has been overlooked,


They all command a large real estate of the games levels from standing around the fight in Street Fighter to a full on FIFA cup final in front of thousands of on lookers.


They all have a realistic angle of prospective over the event in question, from the crowd in seats to the people standing around they all still get to see from a different angle.

Taking these factors in to account And I see an opportunity to creat a platform for the spectators in game to be real online people actually spectating the event in real time And virtual reality is the way to do it!.

Turning the online multiplayer games into real spectator events.

With VR and AR becoming more and more a part of what we are evolving into and headsets becoming more affordable the potential for this unique opportunity is perfect.

Imagine being able to attend a EA Sports fight in virtual reality ! To see the fight in all its glory as if you were there , to even attend with other connected people.

To be in the crowd as a real person would open up something unique to online gaming and how it's developed.

With the big players in the game stepping in to the VR industry such as the Xbox One S and PlayStation's VR setup, the Virtual reality platform is about to have access to millions of active users, casual and hardcore gamers creating a varied of viewing experiences

The implementation for such a platform to the gaming industry would change the world ! The world of gaming that is.

Consider the array of game types that could develop a map variant that could include a VR spectators viewing area!

The possibilities would be endless ! And may even open up opportunities for new game genres.

The platform would need to universal, catering to not just one console but all of them, open source if you like.

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