Ellen Hopkins Hope lamontagne - CT

The poem 'walking with the Monster' was taken from this book. (this is one of my favourite's written by hopkins)
Techniques used: Alliteration - confused, clueless, captured” Repetition - “but sometimes he is just not there for me” A lot of imagery was used.
I kept my poem a little shorter than 40-50 poem lines, as hopkins's poems aren’t all that long. I decided to keep the words on the right side to really show how the person is feeling. (putting emotions).
I have learnt that it is not easy writing poems. One does not simply put pen to paper and create beautiful poems. To even attempt to describe certain emotions and or situations has proven to be much more challenging than I initially believed it would be. I learned that in order to create poems one must open their mind to original thoughts within each of us, create imagery allowing the readers to feel a connection with your words and lastly have fun with it and be creative, don't worry about if others think everyone will have a different perception. I was very satisfied with my poem, it shows a good representation of how Ellen writes her poems. I am in need of practice to write more poems. I am the worst at writing them and I cannot write them off the bat. I need a quiet place, music, and something to write about. This poem I wrote turned out surprisingly well.

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