The Originals Cat PatRick

This book is located in San Diego, California. The location is a typical city where typical things happen. Because such strange things happen to the characters, I find it ironic that they live in the most normal city.
The three girls are high schoolers who are all together known as the name Elizabeth. When one of the three girls are at school, the other two are at home, which is designed in a modern style.
This novel takes place in modern days. I can tell because the characters do a lot of modern things that teenagers do and their high school is very stereotypical. There are popular girls, football athletes, and a normal, unpopular girl who likes one of the popular boys who turn out to be unexpectedly nice. I imagine the setting to be just like San Diego, where there are highways and modern houses.
The weather in the book is sunny and warm, but not too warm. At night, the book states that it gets colder because the main character would always put on a jacket at night.
There seem to be crowds and people everywhere in stores and in the roads. In school, there are teachers, students who are ordinary, and it reveals in the first chapter that there are scientists who are doing undercover researchers.
Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey own a car. They also share a cell phone and they wear a necklace when they are out of the house so their mom can track them. It is a special type of necklace with a built in GPS and their mom would know if their heart rate increases or decreases because there is a tracker that will alert her if something abnormal happens.
The mood of this book is mysterious. I already read a few chapters and the narrator still hasn't said everything because they are also facing some mysteries. In their home, Lizzie is finding out that their mom is hiding something from them. She knows that their house is a hideout place and a place that no one would figure out that Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey are clones. Their parent doesn't act normally and they realize that they have to investigate to find out why.
The setting makes the story more adventurous. They know that their mom and the houses they are living in are hiding a secret about their life of being a clone. Now they would want to know more and they would try to find out things that might affect their lives forever. They feel like the place that puts them in a safe position is getting suspicious and the setting motivates them to find out more.


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