Woody Hayes Athletic Center Renovation Completed Summer 2019


Dining Area, Nutrition Office, Movie Room, Fireplace

The new dining area has more space for players and includes a pizza oven, nutrition staff office, and a fireplace. On this floor, there is also a movie room that has 15 theater style chairs and an overhead projector.


Recovery Room, Production Kitchen, Barber Shop, Game Area

The recovery room includes two sensory deprivation rooms, a sauna and a cryogenic chamber. The sensory deprivation rooms use water that is heated to skin temperature and saturated with salt to provide buoyancy. This effect can speed both mental and physical recovery. The cryogenic chamber used liquid nitrogen to bring the air inside of the chamber to below -200 F. This process also speeds recovery by reducing inflammation and pain, heals muscles, and improves mental well-being.

There is also a production kitchen that is used to make team meals that are healthy and nutritious. Previously, most meals needed to be catered from restaurants.

This level of the renovation also has components that are attractive to recruits and provides amenities for current players. This includes an arcade area, barber shop, golf simulator and a basketball court.