Theseus Max Fetrow

theseus was a Demigod Son of The great King AEGEUS and Greek God POSEIDON, and the great queen aethra.
One day when he was 17 Queen Aethra told him his father had buried a sword and some good shoes under the rock so if he moved it he could journey to Athens and find his father.
he easily pulled up the BOULDER and found a really nice pair of shoes and a sword and he began his journey.
These are the highlights of his adventure:(sorry about the butt):
Theseus captures the MARATHONIAN bull and brings it to the palace as his invitation to dinner
Theseus met his father at dinner and they reunited. Theseus VOLUNTEERED as tribute to kill the Minotaur He promised if he SURVIVED he would turn the sails white on the way back (sorry I had to cut off a little it was PG 13)
The battle has begun
The Minotaur
The minotaur is dead!!!!
Theseus forgot to change the sails
AEGEUS jumps off his building and kills himself.
Theseus becomes King of Athens.

The End

Created By
Max Fetrow


max max maxi maximillian maxwell and any other maxi.

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