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Is Mt.Everest worth the risk of not?

Many hikers and non hikers alike dream of climbing Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. It is very risky though and out of every 100 people who go to the mountain, 4 don’t make it down the mountain. Equipment is also very expensive and is very heavy to carry up and down the mountain. Climbers may even have to pay more for a guide because local sherpas won’t work anymore after the 2014 avalanche, that killed 14 sherpas and left 3 missing. That makes each trip to Everest cost $65,000. Even after making it to the summit climbers are exhausted and have to make the dangerous trip down, which causes more mistakes. If falling down the mountain isn’t enough climbers also have to also watch out for natural disasters earthquakes, avalanches and falling ice. The weather is also a grueling 40 degrees below 0. It may be fun to climb the tallest peak but there are lots of dangers ahead that could make the tiniest mistake into a deadly one.

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Having a valuable resource such as oil can help Central Asia is lots of ways. Oil can help Central Asia lift themselves out of poverty. Oil is in high demand with people from other countries, so by selling oil Central Asia can make more money to lift themselves out of poverty and help them be a more developed region, because there is more money to help health care and education life expectancy goes up and infant mortality rate goes down. Now that there are more people healthy enough to work the gross domestic product also goes up. Oil may affect a region in a negative way, countries may go to war with each other in attempts to steal oil reserves. In Central Asia Iraq and Kuwait got into a big war, countries all over the world were scared that if Iraq got the oil they would keep it for themselves,there would be no more oil in Kuwait and potential and regular customers worried that no more oil would cause energy shortages. This shows that a valuable resource will affect a country or a region in a negative or positive way depending on how they use it.

Oil is in high demand from countries that do not have it, this brings in a lot of money.

Dividing a country into regions can help reduce confusion of languages, culture and religion. Language barriers are needed because then people can communicate with each other easily. The Igbo may not understand the Yoruba because they speak different languages. Many religious beliefs are different which cause arguments and confusion about who or what to believe.the Hausa and Fulani are Muslim while the Yoruba are christian this may cause tension between the two groups. Regions will best fit countries with many diversities to reduce confusion and understand one another.

In may regions people speak the same language, have the same culture and life

What Forces Work For And Against A Supranation Among Countries?

The centrifugal forces work against the supranational cooperation. One type of centrifugal force is Western Europe. There is a law that people from different countries can work, travel, and live free in other countries. Western Europe is wealthier that Eastern Europe and they fear that immigrants are willing to work for lower wages and bring them down for all. This will affect the countries wealth rate. Another centrifugal force is the language barriers. The supranational cooperation has to translate every document and speech in 20 different languages and this causes more work for the government. It also means that countries will not be able to communicate as easily. There are many centrifugal forces against centripetal forces. In a way the centrifugal forces outweigh centripetal forces.

there are many centrifugal forces

What Is The Difference Between Limited And Unlimited Government?

The difference between unlimited and limited government is that unlimited government has more power than limited government. This is true because limited government has to follow the law and respect people’s rights this means that the government has laws so leaders are unable to do whatever they want. Unlimited government is when the leaders do not respect rights and take control of the whole area. Unlimited government lets the government pass or violate laws and rights whenever they want. Unlimited government has more power that limited government because unlimited government takes control of law and rights.

What Does It Mean To Be A Good Citizen?

Being a good citizen means that we have to follow our responsibilities that the authority gives us. Some responsibilities we have are to pay taxes, and obey the law. As citizens we also have our rights protected or made so we cannot exercise these rights. This is called a law. Some laws that protect our rights are there so we can have freedom of speech, voting, and we can petition. This does not just apply to government. We have rights and responsibilities in homes, schools, and states.

These are some rights that humans have

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