The Era of Good Feelings By: Payton Yates

To be an american In the 1800's, meant that you were a willingness to work hard, patrism, indivisuallity, and strength. Being an american, and having pride in one's county would be that you are free, and you can vote for who you want to vote for, and the Pledge stands for everything. Being an american and having indivisualism, and promoting national unity means that we are more indivisualistic, more democratic, and more open and dynamic. Also It means that it is one's identity, and sense of belonging to one state or another.

In 1816 James monroe was elected presidant, many people greeted him warmly, and was always so nice to him, they made a newspaper article, and called it "The Era of Good Feelings." Eight years later James Monroe is still presidant, and people still know him from this day on.

In the 1800's Americans had brought European art to the colonies. Not all the artist's were the best at painting, but most of them were good, like the folk art. Men would traditionally carve "weather vines, and hunting decoys." Woman would sew spare peices of cloth, and then make it into a quilt, or the American flags. Most artist's would have lots of colors (bright colors) in their artwork. Alot of the artist's would paint real life landscape's, or nature seans, like rivers, trees, waterfalls, and sometimes houses in the distance.

In the early 1820's, Literature was very popular back then, and writers often wrote books for people to read about. The first person to achieve literary fame was Washington Irving. Also Davy Crockett became a celebrity, and some of the authors named their books his name, or mentioned his name in the books, were best sellers in the 1830's. People also wrote poems, like this one "Sail on, O Ship of State! Sail on, O Union, strong and great! Humanity with all it's fears, With all the hopes of future years, Is hanging breathless on thy fate!" That poem was called "Paul Revere's Ride".

Many people argue that they would not call The Era of Good Feelings, its real name (The Era of Good Feelings). However on the other hand, I believe that we should call it "The Time of American History". I would call it that, because this whole project is about old history, and what its worth. Another reason why I think that we should call it that is because, In this chapter we talk about people, art, literature, music, and more, but what is most important is that it is all history, everything that we are doing today is history, yesterday was history, everyday is history, and we should never forget what history is.

Polotics in the early 1800's was very common. A man named Henry Clay of Kentucky wanted to run for president, but he was not elected. He thought that the national government had a role to play in encouraging economics growth.He supported an economic plan called the American System. The plan was supposed to make more taxes on imported goods to protect industry as federal spending on transportation projects like roads and canals.

The African Americans, The Native Americans, and the woman would be the groups that would not call this the Era of good Feelings. The African Americans would not call this the Era of Good Feelings, because they were slaves, and they had to do what their master told them to do. The Native Americans would not call this the Era of Good Feelings, because it takes away their land. And last but not least, the woman would not call this the Era of Good Feelings, because they were not allowed to.

In conclusion, Everyone had the same idea not to call this The Era of Good Feelings, just because of politics, literature, music and art.

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