Stay Creative! Travel to Cappadocia Asian American Resource Center

Activity Duration: 1 Hour. Recommended Ages: 6 - 10 Years Old.

Do you like to travel? What places have you visited? Have you ever traveled outside of the country? Come and take a trip with us to Cappadocia, Turkey!

Cappadocia is a city in turkey, a country Located in both Europe and asia. This city is surrounded by rocky hills, mountains, cones, and caves that have been there longer than anyone can remember. The first people to live there carved their homes into these rocks and caves. A lot of these carved homes, temples, etc., are still there to this day!
Today in cappadocia, you can explore the old and new parts of the city, different trails and caves, and even take a hot air balloon ride at sunrise!

Video Source: Turkey: Hot Air Balloons - Travel Kids in Asia by Travel Kids, February 13, 2016

Activity Time!

Let's create our own Mini Cappadocia! To learn how, let's see what we will need and watch a short video!

What you Need:

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Glue Stick
  3. Scissors,
  4. Cotton Balls
  5. Coriander Seeds (or Brown Rice)

How to create a Mini Cappadocia

Video Source: The Asian American Resource Center, July 2020

Now it is your turn! Use the video you just watched to create your Mini Cappadocia. you can always add some other material or cut out different shapes to create your own special Cappadocia!

After you visited Cappadocia from the comforts of home, snap a photo and show us your creation at aarc@austintexas.gov -- we'll post your Mini Cappadocia on Instagram!

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