China and Nicaragua Canal By Mohammed and DaniEla

Nicaragua Canal project
  • Stars indicate Brito and Camilo locks .
  • 270 km (170 ml)
  • Construction approved but not started
  • End point : Bluefields
Chinese company to build $40billions

HKND estimates that about 50,000 people will be employed during the 5-year construction, about half of them from Nicaragua, 25% from China, and the remainder from various countries. 1,400 workers will be in office or administrative positions and the rest in the field. The management offices will be rented or purchased near Rivas. Workers will live in one of nine camps, which besides food and shelter would also provide health care and security. These are “closed” camps, that is workers cannot leave the camp unless part of an organized activity. The work schedule calls for 12-hour shifts for seven days a week.

Alternative motive have been explored and projects have taken priority part of a Chinese plan to gain influence in the region.


Environmental disasters an Nicaragua Lake

Social impact:

  • 28000 people-showed 7100 families along the canal roads


  • Construction of the controversial US$50 billion Nicaragua Canal is set to get under way in the first quarter of this year, local media have reported.
  • Website El Nuevo Diario reported the HKND Group, a Chinese company involved with the project, said work on the rival to the Panama Canal would begin at the port of Brito on the Pacific side.
  • Work had been planned to begin in late 2016, but was delayed by various issues, including the Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAS).
  • The project will see the construction of a canal 276 kilometers (171 miles) long and between 230-280 meters (251-306 yards) wide, two ports, an airport, two artificial lakes, two locks, a free trade area and tourist facilities.
  • Further delays were caused by discoveries relating to the characteristics of the land, which led to a redesign of the ports.
  • “The port capacity that we are aiming for is now substantially larger than in the original design concept,” HKND Group was quoted as saying.
  • Over recent years there have been concerns that the human rights of people living along the proposed route were being violated, resulting in numerous protests.

In a moment of historical symmetry that Trump might call “beautiful, tremendous, so smart”, China’s newfound dominance in Latin America could be crowned by the eclipsing of the Panama Canal. That great symbol of US imperial power in the western hemisphere is set to be undercut by a Chinese funded and built Nicaragua Grand Canal. Longer and wider than the original,it would be the ultimate proof that, when it comes to trade, China rules the waves. The US is still capable of exerting huge influence in Latin America. The head of the Nicaraguan canal commission told The Guardian last year that: “The only problem we see is what the US says about China coming into a small country in their area of influence … if they don’t want it, it will be difficult.”

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