Comparison web and Bomb summary BY cayden Casburn

Summary: This book is about world war ii and how the split of atoms can win the war Hitler is trying to control the world, the atomic bomb would win the war for who ever makes it first, and to make the bomb they need uranium and very smart people. Hitler became a dictator in Germany and started to kick out all the Jewish people. Otto Hahn was did an experiment and discovered that split an uranium atom can make a grain of sand jump. To build a atomic bomb you would need a lot of uranium and smart people to make sure the bomb can detonate.

Knut Haukelid: He wanted to stop Hitler. He had to leave his home land, because of Hitler that angered him. He hates Hitler. " when the Germans conquered Norway he and a few friends had refused to admit defeat." " Hitler and his gang should be thrown into the sea" said Haukelid. "all he could think about was getting back home to continue the fight."

Robert Oppenheimer: He wants to stop Hitler. Beat Hitler on making atom bomb."He felt restless, like he should be doing something to help stop Hitler" " He decided to pour all of his energy into beating Hitler in the race for the atomic bomb"

Eugen Wigner: He wanted to stop Hitler. He had to go away from his home land, because of Hitler. The danger the bomb would do in the Nazis hands.

Richard Feynman: He wanted to make sure the Germans didn't get their hands on the atom bomb. He wanted to stop Hitler. "In the hands of Hitler and his crew would let them control the rest of the world"


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