Journalism Story Kory Calhoun

OXFORD, MISS------- Transitioning from junior college to a 4 year university was a sticky situation for Justin Ivy; considering none of his credits transferred to Ole Miss.

Pictured above is 23 year old Justin Ivy, creator of Digital Mentality from Holly Springs, Miss. Majoring in Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

"I must say, coming here to Ole Miss was probably one of the worst feelings because I knew i was basically doing undergrad for 6 years," Ivy said. "I am forever grateful that it happened to me though. That minor setback helped me figure out what I really wanted to do with my life."

Above is an example of how the logo for Ivy's business developed since he has started. Top left comes from the Fall of 2014 and the bottom represents how it looks today.

"I have fraternity brothers in many different organizations," Ivy said. "When ever they have events going on, they would let me know and I make their flyers or promo videos. I've done projects for many organizations here at Ole Miss and even for local artists. They're help has been a blessing because they have helped me get my name out."

Above is just a few of Ivy's work. He has done projects for the University of Mississippi's Gospel Choir and Black Student Union. Also for artists such as Smoov and Bout Tyme.

"Some people confuse my work with only editing pictures and making flyers," Ivy said. "No. My business deals with everything visual. My brother Austin deals with the video aspects a little more than I do but we do great when we're together on it."

With his popularity around Oxford growing, Ivy believes it will take no time for his business to be one of the best around.

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