The Princess Bride Adaptation Analysis By: Jared peck

The Princess Bride is a story taking place in Florin, following the character Buttercup. She grows up on her farm, with her farm boy working for her. She falls in love with the farm boy and he goes off to make money to create a life for the two of them. It is later revealed that he is killed by pirates. She is full of sadness, but the prince of Florin decides to marry her because he has no heir. Buttercup is then kidnapped by a group of odd people and a masked man chases them. The rest of the story entails adventure to regain the queen to be and uncovering the mystery of the masked man.

One of the most unique things about the movie The Princess Bride is that the story does not actually take place. The premise of the film is that a grandfather is reading a story to his sick grandson. The background of this decision is a bit long, but in short it goes something like this. The book the movie is based on is the abridged version (also known as the 'just the good parts' version). The author who abridged it was read the original story by his father, but his father would skip the parts where it talks for upwards of 60 pages about monarchy and cultural norms for that society. In the abridged book, the author will cut in every so often and say things like: "...what Morgenstern has done is open this chapter with sixty-six pages of Florinese history." In doing this, the author would summarize the stuff that takes away from the story, because he wanted to recreate the magic the book had for him as a kid. This is why the grandfather plays the part of Goldman's abridgment in the film, which is an excellent solution

This movie also did a fantastic job with its casting. The story is full of unique and iconic characters that make the story what it is. The way the actors and actresses portrayed these characters brings the story to life through the movie. For instance, there is one character who is introduced with the following quote: "The third man, mustachioed, perhaps a Turk, was easily the biggest human being she had ever seen." This quote along with many others from the book describe just how massive this character, Fezzik, is. They could have recreated his size with things like CG or camera placement, but instead the abridging author saw Andre the Giant on TV and immediately recognized him as someone capable of portraying Fezzik. Things such as this contribute to making this movie a classic.

(Fezzik is on the right)

The movie was also quite excellent at remaining true to the book. It, of course, had to leave stuff out to prevent the movie from having too long of a run time. Most of the things left out were justified, as it was mostly background info revealed by character dialogue. For example, one of the main characters in avenging action says his most famous quote, "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die." This quote is extremely true to the character and is important to the book. The character goes over different things he'd like to say in his confrontation in the book, and the movie could easily have picked a quote to make the movie more whimsical as it was. However, the movie remained true to the book and this line became, arguably, the most quoted and iconic part of the movie.

The movie also closely followed the settings. One sequence in the book depicts a plateau at the top of a cliff where two men have a sword duel. The author describes this area with quotes such as: "It was a splendid plateau, really, filled with trees for dodging around and roots for tripping over and small rocks for losing your balance on and boulders for leaping off if you could climb on them fast enough..." The movie recreated this scene excellently and it was well shot to create a very entertaining movie sequence.


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