Final Reflection Lucy Zhong

It is amazing that a whole semester is about to past. If you want me to tell that what did I do well, and what did I do not so good, I could spend whole day in telling you.

This is a new world for me -- having an online English writing class. It is so challenging that I am not able to see anyone or actually talk to someone. I thought it would be easy to have an online course because we do not have to meet during class time. However, I was wrong. It is so hard to track down everything and make sure I am on the right direction. All I could see is the due days on Canvas, cold and ruthless.

Even though I am not hundred percent satisfy with what I did, I still learned something. It is not easy to read and write in another language. I am not even a good writer in my own language, not to mention about express my ideas on paper through English. Sometimes I wonder how people could write that much when I could finish telling everything in just three sentences. There are also so many inspiration formed when reading other student's paper, it helped me in revising my draft and polish to a better final version.

Looking back to all the assignments, the research project was a really tough one. It took me forever to find sources and pull out the most important information it tried to deliver. And I need to transfer to my own language. It is the first time I know what is annotated bibliography, know how to correctly cite things. Researching is also a process of self learning, kind of like this class structure. I probably getting used to traditional type classroom, getting used to having teacher tell things that I should know. But sometimes, self exploration could find a lot of things that I never think of that before.

In this class, I confused, I wandered, I struggled, I self-doubt. But I am glad that I stayed in this class and learned something.

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