Nature Activity at the FLMNH BY: derek diel

Nature on Display

This photo is of the Poison Dart Frogs within the Frogs Exhibit. This exhibit was particularly appealing to me because I was curious to see how formaldehyde was used to preserve specimens. As I found the answer, I stumbled upon some live beautifully colored Dart Frogs. The bright and exuberant colors of these frogs are impossible to miss, and they surely signify their level of toxicity. Further, this exhibit taught me a lot within the realm of frogs that I had not previously known, like the most common species found in Florida, as well as the difference between a frog and a toad. The exhibit was also arranged in a very organized fashion, creating an overall great experience.

Nature and Ethics

The photo above was taken in front of the Genetics Laboratory of the museum. The poster behind me explained the reasoning for genetic research of various species of wildlife within the exhibit. Though much of this type of research is beneficial for understanding the animals around us, there is a point in time that we will reach (and already have) where the amount of knowledge we have can be dangerous. We now have the ability to artificially create species and alter their DNA in whichever way we please. This leaves a large gray space of ethical questions, and it can also harm our environment in a theoretical scenario in which a new invasive species is created. To address the questions of the assignment, I would say that the exhibit certainly made me appreciate my earth more. The historic walk and interactive lessons through Florida and the native communities helped to foster a true love and admiration for the beauty of our land and biotic community.

Nature & Human Spirit

This photo was taken in the Butterfly Exhibit. Visiting this exhibit and the museum was really a breath of fresh air. It was nice to take a break from the studying and embrace the history of our natural environment, and to take sight of the beautiful butterfly garden. It really put into perspective how unique our world is, and how everything operates in perfect harmony.

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