David de Gea Timmy Lenz 7 Corazones

He was nacido on Noviembre 7, 1990. He was nacido en Spain and es 26 anos de edad. His height es 6'4, he weighs 168 lb, and his nacionalidad es Español.

He plays for Manchester Unida and the Equipo Nacional Espanol. His salary es 10.4 GBP. He es also the best portero on all the teams he plays for.

He made his debut en la edad de 17 but joined the Atletico Madrid team when he was just 13 anos de edad.

Ha ganado ocho tazas y créditos altogether

David de Gea may be moving to Real Madrid for a contract signing of 60 million Euros

David de Gea has guarda la bola 520 times and only que puntaje 191 times.


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