Overcoming Adversity a DIFFICULT situation

Adversity- a difficult situation that requires people to be strong and overcome their problem.

I choose to interview Jiline Cole for this project. She’s a 8th grade student at Derby Middle School. I know this person because she attends the same school as me and is one of my friends. I chose Jiline because I admire her for having courage to overcome her adversity. Also, I admire her for being so open about her sexuality, and not caring about what others will think. I'm glad that she's so open about her adversity. This is why I chose her for this project.

Jiline Cole was born on October 29th, 2002 in Milford, Connecticut. She grew up in Derby, Connecticut. She's currently still living there. She's an 8th grade student at Derby Middle School. At school, she's hardworking and helpful. The people in Jiline’s family are her mom, dad, and her 4 brothers. Her brother’s names are Victor, Brandon, Zach, and Ryan. Her parents are typical parents. They’re hardworking and smart. They want their kids to be successful and happy.
Some facts about Jiline is that her adversity was coming out. When she came out, it wasn't how she planned it to be. At age 11, she came out to her mother first. Then, she told her brothers and father.
Jiline is best known for helping others. Some wonderful things she does in her life is she helps her family and volunteers.
The adversity she faced was coming out to her family and friends. Her adversity was always been around, but in 6th grade it started to come up more often. Basically, she always knew that she had feelings for women. However, it came up more often as she got older.

She overcame this adversity by coming out to her family and friends in the 6th grade. Her mom was cool with it and her dad wasn’t too happy. Her friends were supportive and didn’t care if she liked girls. They still loved and cared about her. She rose above those obstacles by having the strength to tell someone about her sexuality. She stopped caring about what others may think of her and started being her true self. The obstacle she overcame was having to deal with people who were against her sexuality.

The lesson I learned from Jiline that helped overcame her adversity was to not care about people’s opinions, just be yourself. The traits that helped her overcome her adversity were brave, strong, and courage. In order to overcome this adversity, she needed to be strong, brave, and courageous. Being courageous helped her overcome her adversity because she needed to have courage to come out. Being strong helped her because she needed to be strong enough to overcome her adversity.

I loved interviewing Jiline. She was cooperative, confident, and excited. Yes, I did learn stuff about her. I learned that she told her mom first about her sexuality, and she was cool with it. I also learned that she volunteers for many different things and loves to help her family when they need something. The last thing I learned about Jiline was the age she overcame her adversity. She was 11 when she told her mom and overcame her adversity.

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