Presidential Ad John Torres


1. Age - at least 35 years old

2. Citizenship - at least a citizen of the US

3. Residence - must have been a resident of the US for more than 10 years

Informal Qualities:

1. Government experience - Must have a general idea of government and how it works

2. Money - ability to raise funding

3. Political Beliefs - Moderate


1. Charismatic - Must be able to bring a nation together

2. Leadership - Must be able to lead a nation to great triumph

3. Military Experience - Must have served in the military and been in the service

Benefits and Pay

1. Annual Wage - Ranges between $400,000-$420,000 a year.

2. Benefits - Is allowed a "fast pass" to any place that he or she wishes to go, receives a $50,000 non-taxable expense account.

Job Description:

1. Executive Power - ability to manage national affairs and priorities of the government.

2. Powers of Appointment - Ability to nominate federal judges and appoint his or her own aides, advisers, and assistants.

3. Legislature Power - Is able to approve or Veto a law

4. Emergency Powers - May position troops in foreign waters when dangers of a potential war are in place.


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