The Harn By: Iñaki Tolosa

Before seeing this piece of art, I was reading about how women are less appreciated in the art world, and how it is hard for them to succeed. The above art created by Yvonne Jacquette is stunning, everything about it is beautiful. Seeing this "Motion Picture", as it is titled, made me feel like I was there. Now looking at it in the picture, it makes me feel sad because it is not as vibrant as it is in person. I believe that the feeling of it being in motion is what struck me the most, it felt so realistic. To think that this art work would be less appreciated, because a woman was the author saddens me. This is wonderful and should be appreciated a lot more than what it is.
This is relevant to the design of the museum, as there was a whole section dedicated to Frida Kahlo. What struck me from this is the use of space, coming in to an area that was all about Frida made me think the museum was all going to be about her. This made me feel very interested in the museum, because I spent an entire year of my high school learning about her. The museum had a great set up of her portraits, and they also had a movie which I watched in high school. This made me feel like I was in the past, and it also made me feel good, because she is part of the Hispanic culture.
This stature of a "Seated Bodhisattva", was made in Korea. What it made me relate to is the value of religion, through my years in high school I was exposed to many different religions. Although, it is not the religion I believe in, I find it truly inspiring when I see an artifact that is related to religion. In the end, this helped me understand that the value of religion is very important and each individual can believe in different ways.
This photograph was taken by Sebastiao Salgado, a Brazilian man born in 1944. This picture, titled "Cast of thousands" was taken 1986, and it depicts thousands of workers. This relates to the good in the sense that some people had to work extremely hard in order to get somewhere in life. In the picture you can see people carrying large objects that seem extremely heavy. This made me realize that in our society, a lot of us take things for granted. We do not realize that people before us and to this day, have worked extremely hard in order to give their families a chance.

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