St. Teresa of Avila By: Ben Tessau

She was born two years before the protestant reformation began.

She was granted an experience of direct union with God during the reformation.

St. Teresa of Avila was given the title of Doctor of the Church during the reformation.

She founded a convent during the reformation to help sustain the Catholic faith from falling to the protestants.

By the time of her death she had founded seventeen convents.

What we can learn from what occurred during the reformation of the church is that God will always bring us back to him even if we turn away for a little. We need to be strong in our faith like all these saints we learned about a evangelize to people who aren't as strong in their faith. We can continue to grow by building new churches and emphasizing about going to church every single Sunday. We can marry the church by becoming priests or missionaries. We can always show God's mercy by giving to the poor and helping build God's kingdom.

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