Math Project Zander Hirman, Maia kamberling

Write up

Hypothesis, Believe that more people will like dogs more than cats.

Null Hypothesis, with respects to data collected I believe more people will like cats rather than dogs

We started by creating a google form and sent it to 30 boys and 30 girls (at random) then when we got minimal results we discarded the the results we got from the google form and just went around during passing period and surveyed people at random there keeping within our 30 boys and 30 girls radios. When we asked them we where very straight forward with them and made sure that that nobody influenced them in anyway.

Data analysis, I strongly believe that hypothesis is true. To withhold and prove that information I believe that our data analysis was true because of the the hypothesis was true and the null hypothesis was incorrect and the chi squared number was large and when its large that means that it has a small percent chance of the null hypothesis being right which is good.

Sorry its all Crooked

Self Evaluation, I believe that I understood and new what I was doing this whole time while conducting the investigation writing this report and creating a presentation. Me and Maia worked really hard on the presentation and put a lot of time and effort forth in this project.


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