The kazoomonster Brodie kettles

This activity is predicated on the concept of monsters and what makes a monster

The monster has multiple definitions some say it is a creature or person with negative and or scary qualities and it generally disliked and usually excites horror but others say it is a combination between an animal and a human and some say it is just an animal or thing that is huge.

This bitter creature was created in the worst most unpleasant place ever, Las Vegas. 4 people were gambling their savings away and the the kazoo kid came and said you shall be punished and they each were melted together and gained four powers light, noise, sound and wind

  • multiple functions
  • Diverse range of weapon
  • Terrifying
  • Multiple characteristics
  • Physical traits that portray monstrosity
  • Mental traits that Portray monstrosity
  • Terrifying
  • disliked by the public

Remember before any project you must question what you are doing

How heavy is it

How exciting is it

Is it useful

How many heads does it have

what are its functions

How many functions does it have

Is it water proof

Is it high tech

Is it safe

is it harmful

Does it have a personality

Who made it

Does it have hair

What does it do can it drive how many touches does it have

Is it fireproof

Is it durable

Does it have wheels

How high is it

How wide is it

How big is it

How many heads does it have

Does it move

How does it move

What gender is it

What noise does it make

Can it climb

How fast

What is it made of

What's it favourite colour

What does it eat

What does it drink

What does he do

Can he fly

How many legs does it have

How many faces

Does it have legs

How many eyes

What can he say

Does he speak

Can it rotate

How fast does the fan rotate

How many streamers does it have

What minerals is it made of

Can you eat it

What is its habitat

Where did it come from

How are the wires going to connect

How are we going to make

How long is it going to take to make

How many parts does it have

What are we going to call it

Is it controllable

Can it be effected by wheather

Is it effected by wind can it go on grass

Can it turn

How was it made

Why was it made

Is there anything else we can make it out of

Why is it made out of what it is made of

Is it a weapon

Does it have a conscience

How will we control it

Will it be useful in every day life

Can it kill

Does it have batteries

How many batteries does it have

Does it have eyes

Does it have a face

Does it have a head

How many wheels does it have

Can we add anything

Can we remove anything

Is it for comedic purposes

It it for military purposes

Can it entertain

How are the functions connected to the batteries

Is it three dimensional

Are all of the components easy to obtain

Does it need to be charged

What are its weaknesses

Wow that's a lot of questions

All four of our faces will be attached to the monster and all will have different functions.

An active fan will be in the face of john that is connected to a battery pack

A buzzer will be activated by button in blairs mouth that is connected to a battery pack

A light will be active in Brodie's mouth (me)that is connected to a battery pack.

And an earphone playing music will be in Maxs mouth that is connected to a battery pack.

Technical drawing
All of these faces will be stuck to a paddle pop cube and each face will have its assigned function and the components will be protruding through the mouth of the correlating face and each components will be connected to a power source.

This project of creating imagining and prototyping a monster required teamwork and cooperation which is something we had trouble with, we had trouble agreeing on what the monster would be made of and how it would be built although it was not very hard for us to think of the general idea of the monster and that is where we did well

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