Immigration A Problem of the Past, Present, and Future

Immigration in America Today
Republican Proposals and Views

President Donald Trump has proposed strict immigration legislation, calling for a Muslim ban from 6 Middle Eastern and African countries and a wall on the southern border with Mexico.

GOP on Immigration: Our party is the natural home for those who come in search of freedom and justice. We welcome all to the Great Opportunity Party.

Democratic Party Proposals and Views

Many liberals and democrats have shown tremendous opposition to President Trump’s orders by protesting, campaigning on social media, and boycotting anything having to do with him. They believe that the border should be open for all as this is a country of immigrants and people should be allowed to come and start a new life in the United States

DNC on Immigration: The Democratic Party supports legal immigration, within reasonable limits, that meets the needs of families, communities, and the economy as well as maintains the United States’ role as a beacon of hope for people seeking safety, freedom, and security.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Views

Strict Immigation

Strengths: ​Has a lot of support from Republicans and conservatives. Helps deal with terrorist threats from Middle Eastern countries. Helps deal with drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States.

Weaknesses: Prompts other countries to have travel bans against the United States. Doesn't clarify how the wall will be paid for. Many people rally against it on social media and through protests.

Open Borders

Strengths: ​Allows immigrants to take part in American society and strengthen the economy. United States is seen with a friendlier lense, therefore allowing Americans to travel anywhere without restrictions. Difficult to maintain from previous administration.

Weaknesses: ​Possibility of exterior terrorist attacks from the Middle East countries that are not banned. Drug trafficking and large immigration numbers from Mexico persist. Jobs are taken by immigrants.

Connection to Themes

Relevant Catholic Social Teachings:

  • Life and Dignity of the Human Person
  • Call to Participation
  • The Dignity of Work and the Rights of the Workers
  • Solidarity
The Effects of Mass Media
The Role of Past Elections

Proposal: In order to provide a moderate immigration policy that pleases both parties, it is necessary to enforce the following measures: set quotas for people that are allowed to enter the United States and commence the process of becoming legal citizens from each country, increase the number of agents that will patrol the southern border for drug trafficking, and separate a specific amount of jobs for the immigrants that will be allowed to enter the country legally. If an immigrant that has been allowed to enter the country legally commits a crime, they will be deported immediately. The legalization process will be completely reworked as the process will be much more efficient and legalize more people.

Justification: Helps alleviate the tension between both parties that disagree with each other’s policies. Provides a quicker and more efficient legalization process of immigrants. Creates a more organized immigration system that allows immigrants to enter the country legally, while cutting down the amount of illegal immigrants that enter the country.

Influences in Congress


  • Congressional Commitees
  • Executive Orders
  • Bureaucratic Discretion
  • Issue Networks/Iron Triangles


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