Deep Culture Exploration Makinzie alamo

Surface Culture

Where did it start?

Let's start with my mother side of the family.

My family has an unique story of coming to America. My mother side goes back to 1600's. My famous ancestors start with the first drummer boy for President Washington. I had ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War. Another family member was one of the first Senators in the US history. We also are related to General Burnsides from the Civil War. The history of my mother side continues on and leads them to California. One of our ancestors took the long way to get to America. Grandpa Bird (as he was known in our family) was a white slave and traveled from Europe to San Fransisco, California. During his travel, his master died and upon his arrive they found out that they were free. Everyone on this boat took ownership of San Fransisco or surrounding areas. My ancestor took ownership of Napa Valley. Since then, I had tons of famous relatives and relatives that have made an impact on the world.

Now let's go to my father side.

My father side is a mystery. The Alamo last name only goes back four generations. My great grandfather came from Chile in the early 1900's. Upon arrival to the United States in New York, my great grandfather jumped ship. By this term of jumping ship, I mean when he came to America he changed his last name. This meant all of his history is a total mystery. My grandfather can remember that his father was afraid someone was after him. My great grandmother came from Puerto Rico and had six kids with my great grandfather. After having six kids, my great grandfather left his family because he thought someone was getting to close. He left and went to Florida and created another family. My great grandmother died at a young age and all the children were placed in an orphanage, this includes my grandfather.

Interesting Facts about the Alamo's

  • We live in the suburban community.
  • We are a middle class.
  • My great grandmother on my mother side was the first one to go to college in the 1920's.
  • My great grandmother on my father mother side had stories for us. Granny was born in 1908 and lived through World War 1 and 2, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and more. Granny would tell us the story of her having the first color TV in her county. Also, how her chicken ate the diamond on her wedding ring.
  • My family celebrates all the tradition holidays. At Thanksgiving, we go around the table and say what we are thankful for.
  • In my family, we believe our heroes are the people in the military. We are a military family that has served our country.
Shallow Culture

The Sayings in the Household

  • Remember the Alamo
  • Do the right thing
  • Care for others

The Upbringing

Respect was to be honest to everyone, do not lie, respect your elders, and respect the flag. Disrespect was lying to adults, not being respectful, and being the black sheep. I learned to not call adults by their first name. It was either Mr. or Ms. for everyone. I was always allowed to ask questions but could not back talk to an adult. Back talking would be disrespectful.

The Inside

I used to show my emotions then something happen in high school that got me shamed by family due to lying to them. I kept things from my family and it caused major issues for a long time. After this happen, I typically do not show my emotions. I have to work hard to be praised by my parents but they always tell me I can do better with everything.

Deep Culture

In the Classroom

I believe that students should have interaction during the school day. The only way a student is going to gain social skills is through interaction. I believe some activities can be collaboration but there is time where students need to learn on their own. I personally think students should be able to pick where they want to seat by knowing how they learn.

How I came to this...

I came to this belief because I have seen the difference between sitting all day to being able to move around and interact. Students get bored after sitting in a chair for 30 minutes. Students learn best when they can.

My Culture Belief

I never took in the fact of other cultural or ethnic succeeded or not. Like I always heard the saying "Asian are smart at math." "Blacks are good at sports." But coming from a white school I never took it in as racial. I grew up thinking racial thoughts are developed by your family views. You are raised by your family and you traditional follow their beliefs. I truly believe that some groups are smarter than others but those other cultures have higher standards for them. To be white, you just need be smart enough to get a degree.

This is my culture tree. I learned a lot about myself because it made me think about my actual views.
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