St. Patrick By: Colton gillette

St Patrick was born on 385 AD in Britannia. He later died on March 17, 461 AD in Saul. Saint Patrick was the Patrom saint of Ireland, he was the Christian missionary who converted Ireland to Christianity in the 400 ADs
St. Patrick's day is what some people consider to be a holiday. This day is celebrated on March 17 every year. This is one of the largest days for the saints.
Many people believed that St Patrick was in fact Irish but he was not. He wasn't even born in Ireland. Also, St Patrick use the shamrock to show its resemblance of the trinity. The clover showed The Farthe, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Dear St Patrick, you were a wonderful missionary converting man people in Ireland to Christianity, thank you for all you have done and please watch over us all, Amen.

I Have neither given nor recieved unauthorized help on this work. - Colton Gillette

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