Hobarts Local Gov. By cole verhaagh

My local government is in the village of Hobart.

2440 pine tree Rd, Hobart WI 54155

Map of Hobart

The issue I will present from the minutes is that Hobart wants to get a new skid loader by selling the old one. (In image behind)

The Hobart board decided to sell the old one for 12,000$ and buy a brand new one (with warranty) for 36,000 bringing cost down to 24,000. I agree with their decision to sell then buy a new one because it will save them a third of the cost

But, alternatively they could have kept the old one and just replaced the parts in question cutting costs and leaving more spending money for the rest of the budget.

The other issues

Hobart wants to buy new signs for around the town but they must be under budget.

The LGPA golf tournament is being held at thornberry creek and they need to set up the event.

The police may be getting small explosives to break into strong boxes if the budget allows it or gets voted through.

An election is happening for the next planning committee board of directors member is coming up soon.

Created By
Cole Verhaagh

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