The Beginning of the civil rights movement By Ethan richards

At this time there was the brown v board of education decision that decided that the idea of segregation in education is inherently unequal

Emmet till was a young boy who lived in Illinois and decided to visit his great grand parents in Money,Mississippi. While he was visiting he was accused of hitting on a white woman in town.
Later that night a few men came to his Great uncles house and took Emmett and took him and brutally beat him, shot him and tied his body to a Cotten gin and threw him to the river. It took police a long time to find his body and by that time tills body was very disfigured and almost unrecognizable
When his body returned to Illinois Till's mother decided to have an open casket funeral and had over 10,000 people attend
When seeking justice for her sons murder Mrs.Till faced a all white jury which the two men accused not guilty. The two men later did confess to the murder but couldn't be tried again due to double jeopardy
This letter shows how the black community was not okay with this injustice and was ready to act
The purpose of this is to talk about the sheer amount of people who saw Emmett and were baffled

That's what Emmett's death was for the civil rights movement it was the last straw and it launched the movement

The Montgomery Bus boycott started after a middle age black NAACP member named Rosa parks refused to get up from her seat to move to the back of the bus and was arrested.
This launched the 385 bus boycott in Montgomery Alabama where of African Americans decided to walk or carpool instead of using buses which killed bus companies and community businesses
This was also the first time Martin Luther came to prominence as the leader of the boycott

The boycott lead to the second big Supreme Court win of Browder v Gayle that decided bus segregation should be illegal

This articles purpose is to show the battle between state and the federal government

The second article was written and it shows how the southerners where scared of the takedown of separate but equal

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