English Camp 2021 Tokyo Seitoku University Fukaya Junior High School


The theme of English Camp 2021 was Greece and the Olympic Games. After introducing the topic, Mr. Howes then showed you how Greek culture and words are everywhere in the English-speaking world. Greece's history is very important to learn.
Mark showed that if you break a big task into smaller ones, it can go smoother. In this activity, you had to remember many words, but how could it be done easier? Teamwork!!
Teamwork to make a word-web.
Mr. Howes introduced you to the Olympians. The stories of the Greek Gods and Goddesses are still important today. You can see their names everywhere.
We are all junior high school students. 中1, 中2, 中3 is not important when you work together.
The end of the day was your first experience of performing as a group. Greek plays are not easy to understand or do, but this is a great challenge for you all. In this play, you learnt the tragic story of Actaeon seeing the goddess Artemis.

Day 2

The day started with a challenging, but fun team-building activity. You had to build the famous Parthenon in Athens using paper and sellotape only.
The next activity was the Olympic Games trivia. The Olympic Games that are in Tokyo now have a long and interesting history too.
Then we did the Greek Whispers activity. This activity is to help you say words clearly for other people to understand. It is not easy, but a lot of fun.
Greek Whispers
At the end of the day, you were in your groups making things for the final performance on Day 3.

Day 3

Day 3 marked the end of English Camp 2021.
At the start of the day, we did another pronunciation activity but this time we focused on using a clear, loud voice. When you make a speech, present or perform, it is important that everyone can hear you clearly and in a loud voice.
It was then time to finish all your preparation for the final performance.

The final performance ---> Theseus and the Minotaur.

The famous story is long, so it was performed in three parts. The first part told the story of the evil King Minos from Crete. He made the King of Athens send 7 boys and 7 girls to his island to be eaten by the minotaur, a half bull half man.

The second part told the story of Theseus, the son of the King of Athens, who went to Crete and killed the minotaur. He got a lot of help from Princess Ariadne, who wanted to escape back to Athens with Theseus and the children.

The third part of the story described the betrayal of Theseus. Princess Ariadne was left behind on an island, while Theseus secretly went back to Athens. Zeus, the King of the Gods, felt very sorry for Ariadne and gave her a good future. He also planned revenge on Theseus, by killing his father. Theseus arrived home safely, became the next King of Athens, and then stopped the system of giving 7 boys and girls to Crete.

That concluded the English Camp for 2021. The students learned a lot about Greece and the Olympic Games and I am sure they want to know more about the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

The English Camp was for three days, 7 lessons each day, and in English only. Everyone listened, read, wrote and spoke in English, which is a great experience.

Created By
Stephen Howes