Final Project Widalys E. Cruz


Joey Pigza is a student that has ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)




  • Do not know how their behavior affects others
  • Has problem making friends or lose friends
  • Can have problems following conversations
  • Interrupts other people when they are talking
  • Depressed or low self-esteem
  • They might have conflicts with teachers or parents


  • Have problem following instruction
  • Daydream constantly
  • Have reading comprehension problems
  • they can't wait they turn
  • They burst the answer
  • They rush their assignments or left them incomplete


  • They can't stay still
  • They fidget in their seat or anywhere
  • Running or climbing
  • They need to move


  • Impulsive
  • They can be bossy
  • Sometimes make tantrums
  • Disorganize
  • They can be disruptive

Assessments Tests

  • Individualized testing for individual ability and achievement
  • Medical screening by a doctor
  • Behavioral ratings by members of the family and school professionals.

504 Plan

The student has the capacity to do their work but the problem is his behavior and his problem to concentrate. That is why I believe a 504 would be helpful. The 504 is to ensure that a student that has a disability under the law and is attending school, receive the accommodation that needs. A difference with the IEP the 504 work under the curriculum but with accommodation made. He will need various accommodation and we need to set some personal goals. The accommodations that would be made should be specifically made for him to achieve those goals and to help him succeed. Before doing that we should study his behavior to know what strategies will work best.

Goals for Joey

  • More attention in class
  • Wait is turn to answer
  • Follow instructions
  • More organize
  • Finish his assignments


  • Cluster readings in sections : This will help to comprehend readings better
  • Rearranging the classroom (specially the seating): This will help Joey to pay more attention.
  • Clearer Instructions: Joey will understand instruction more, and probably will follow them.
  • Find a way he can move without disrupting class: This will make Joey to liberate energy.
  • Finding a more interactive teaching method: This will keep Joey engage.
  • Extra time when is need it: This will give the opportunity to finish his work.


  • Praise the student: Every time he finished his homework I can acknowledge it. I can use the gold star system, and every time he has a good behavior I can give one star. (Although, this can be negative because the student can get used to it.)
  • Seating: Changing the classroom could be beneficial. Sometimes the problem is where the student is seating. Putting the student near the board will keep him more engage.
  • Setting times: Telling the student how many minutes they have to do a task can be helpful. Setting a timer, would help to keep the time.
  • Being Organize: If Im an organize teacher I could keep the lessons organized. I could use and electronic organizer.
  • Provide Guide: For example of how to study.
  • Teaching Strategies: There are many teaching strategies that can be used. For example TAG is a technique in which I say what I like, in what the students should work and how to improve it. The other one is TASSELL but that is more strict. Also, we can use parts of other teaching strategies as CUES. The part we can use of CUES is the clustering of the readings.
  • Movement: Taking some times in the class to get up and shake or to walk the classroom.
  • Fidgeting: Finding an object in which the student can fidget with out getting behind the class or getting distracted.
  • Implementing Technology: Using Audio books is helpful to improve his abilities in paying attention. Computer software of reading or math, time reminder or a talking keyboard.


Implementing all this assessment I previously said will help Joey not only academically but also emotionally. The reason if that if he progress he will feel good and that will fill up his self-confidence and self-esteem. An student that has a good self-esteem with perform better academically, and that will be reflected in his school work. Using technology and rewards will motivate them to focus in doing his work. Implementing more movement in the classroom will be beneficial for his behavior because he will calm a little more the necessity to move. Overall, following this plan will benefits Joey to succeed in classroom but also to control a little bit his behavior.


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