Journey Log 10 By: Tyler KEndrick

We are finally at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! *DAB* This past week in class was really fun! On Tuesday we talked about our specific raid that was due and what we are suppose to do with it! Due to being sick, I was behind on my work so I had to spend more time catching up for this class than any other class. I don't know about everyone else but I CANNOT do Minecraft at all!!!!! It's actually kinda sad how bad I don't know what I am doing. Below I attached a link that is a beginner guide to Minecraft that I tried to use but did not really succeed at. Through Minecraft, I had to use engagement to help me build the sanctuary. The minecraft build was really hard and I would not recommend for a friend.

Thursday we played mad lib and this other game that I can't remember! The other game was so much fun! You had to be really creative to win and I was not that creative but it was still really funny to listen to the answers and pick the best! They got really funny and dirty really fast! These games taught us how to be creative, using the habits of mind.

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Wiki, Minecraft. “Tutorials/Beginner's Guide.” – Official Minecraft Wiki, Gamepedia, 17 Mar. 2017, Accessed 18 Apr. 2017.

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