How America Got Started by Jack Barner

This is a video of Plymouth by Mr. Betts Class

When we first settle in Plymouth it was for that people wanted free religion and faith from the Britain Puritan ways. Next, It was they were getting bullied over in England because they were separatists. So they sail over to America on the Mayflower to be free from British rule and to not to be bullied by Puritans.

The way I think the French and Indian build are country because at the end of the war we got land to the Mississippi river for us to settle on.

This is a map of the all battle of the French and Indian war

At the end of the Rev. War we were a new country. Next England agreed that we were our own country, and they will get their forts and troop off American soil. Next they will not pick us off at sea.

At the Constitutional Convention we made some amendment. The first one is freedom of press, religion, speech, and free to meet in group peacefully. The second one is that we have the right own guns. The third is that there will be no Quartering act, that soldier stay in your house. The fourth one is that the government can't take stuff from you. This means that we are a free country we no king, but we can vote.

In 1803 we doubled are size of country by buying West Florida, New Orleans, and the whole Louisiana Territory for 15 million dollar. The person who order it was Thomas Jefferson.

Now that's how are United State Of America became a country.

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