Africa By: Cate, Tucker, and Thomas

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- Introdution

-Now Is The Time For Running by: Michael Williams

- Artistic Product

- News Cast by: Tucker

- Heroes Journey by: Cate

- Documentary by: Thomas

Have you ever had to run for your life? Unlike us, people in Africa have to run for their lives. They don't have a place to go home to everyday like we do. In the novel Now is the Time for Running, there is a lot of violence. The reason for all of the running and displacement in Africa is because people are being chased after just like Deo in the novel. Deo has no other option than to try and run to get to South Africa.

During this time period, 20,000 people were killed under the power of Robert Mugabe. Also, there are more refugees in Africs than anywhere else. Hunger is one of the main causes of lack of human resources because they are fighting over food. Our main purpose is to inform the readers about the problems in Africa.

In the novel: Now Is The Time For Running, there is a lot of violence. The reason for all of the running in Africa is because people are hunting and chasing after Deo and Innocent. They have no other option than to try and run to South Africa.

Artist Projects



“Finally, the soldiers are gone Parker you can come out now,” says Cade. “Everyone is dead Cade.” Said Parker. “Well Parker, we need to leave this small town in Zimbabwe, and go to South Africa to find our dad.” Cade says.

Cade and Parker set off on their journey to South Africa. They leave the small town in Zimbabwe to find their dad in South Africa, because they have no more family left in Zimbabwe, and they know the soldiers will come back and kill them, so they do not feel safe there.

On their journey they find a magical witch lady, and tells her their story of why they came to find her. “How old are you boy?” the witch asks. “I’m 15, and my sister Parker is 13.” Cade responds. She takes them a cross rapid waters, and through grasslands. Along the way to South Africa, Cade is always having to help out Parker. Parker did save Cade’s life when they were running through the grasslands. She scared off a hyena.

A few months later, Cade and Parker lived in tents under a bridge in the town of Alexandra. People of Alexandra got tired of the refugees destroying things. The people of Alexandra started attacking the homeless and the refugees. “Parker you need to stay here in the tent and do not move, while I pack up our stuff.” Cade demands. Parker sees her soccer ball start to roll down the street, so she runs after it. Parker makes it to her ball, and finds herself in big trouble. Cade looks around for Parker, and begins to worry. He calls her name quietly, trying not to draw attention. He spots her ball, but he sees a body next to the ball. Parker’s body is lying still beside the ball, she’s dead.

A few months later, Cade traveled as far away from the town of Alexandra as possible. A man picked him up off the street and asked him to join his soccer team. Soccer was Cade and Parker’s favorite sport.

Later on, Cade practiced everyday with his teammates, like he used to do back in Zimbabwe. Each of the teammates came from different countries in Africa. Everyone wears their small flag on their arm when they play soccer. When Cade plays in a game with his Zimbabwean flag on, he still looks for his sister cheering him on.

In South Africa Cade made a new life, and friends. Cade’s dad found him at his soccer game and took him in, so Cade is not a refugee anymore. Cade still thinks about Parker every single day.

By: Cate Frantz


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