The World of Upcycling By: RJ MCCLAY


By: RJ McClay


Hi my name is RJ. I believe my project will benefit the students in school. I became interested in upcycling because of legos. There is no right or wrong way you can build, just like in upcycling. I use legos to build many things. I also upcycle using cardboard to make racing tracks.

What is upcycling

The definition of upcycling is converting waste material products that are not needed into new and more valuable ideas. Do you ever sit and wonder how upcycling is useful to the world? When products are transformed rather than thrown away, the environment is better off. Reusing products is actually very simple and resourceful. Also, upcycling has the ability to save money. When you reuse old products you save your money to put in the bank instead of throwing money into the trashcan. That is a way to add to your college fund.

Examples of upcycling.

Upcycling can be used in many ways. You only have to use your imagination. For instance, take my project I have with me today. When I was thinking about my project I was playing with my legos. Then it came to me. I would use old toys I don’t play with anymore and upcycle them. So I overturned my toyboxes. I made a decision. I would make an old fashioned, hand held pin ball machine. Since I had a lot of dinosaurs I thought of Jurassic World. My Mom hot glued while I layed them out. And by the way, this is to keep in the Steam Station for your enjoyment. Ta Da !!

How can schools benefit from upcycling

Did you know schools can use upcycled products? There are many things schools can use. We can make organizers from cereal boxes and desk organizers. Teachers and students can store pencils, pens, erasers and test papers. Art teachers can use cardboard tubes for drawings. In my case I took different parts of old games, put them together and made a whole new game for the steam station.


Upcycling takes used items and makes them better, so it’s hard to go wrong! I cant say it any better than that. Just have fun creating.

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RJ McClay

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