Extended Learning Opportunities ELO Month Celebration 2019

In celebration of ELO Month, the NH Extended Learning Opportunity Network, the NH Business and Industry Association, and the NH Alliance for College and Career Readiness hosted luncheon on January 31, 2019 with legislators to raise awareness about this statewide initiative and to discuss how these experiential learning opportunities are providing students with a competitive advantage in pursuing college and career pathways after high school.

What is an ELO?

Extended Learning Opportunities, or ELOs, are credit-bearing learning experiences that happen outside of the traditional classroom. They provide limitless options to deeply explore fields of study and career paths that students are passionate about, including those that may not be available through their school curriculum, and may even provide an alternative pathway to fulfilling graduation requirements.

What do ELOs look like?

Ensuring rigor & high standards in each ELO experience

Key Considerations in Building an Effective ELO Program

Creating a high quality ELO program will improve student outcomes and develop a richer community relationship with the school system. The most effective ELO programs are those in which students, school faculty, and community and business leaders are all engaged, and include features that are mentioned in the video below:

When building an ELO program, active leadership is a key element in success. Research shows schools with an ELO coordinator and active community partner relationships have significantly more student participation. Advocates for robust school-facilitated ELO programs are advocates for student learning.

Students describe their ELO experiences


Hear what students and ELO Coordinators have to say in response to the following questions:

  • Do ELOs help students stay in school?
  • Do ELOs work for students in Special Education?
  • What do ELO coordinators do?
  • How does the ELO network work?
  • How do you determine how much credit towards graduation will be given for an experience?

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