Westward Expansion By: jacob CARPENTER

What was the purpose to go to Oregon? Well, people went to Oregon because they heard it was a magical place. They could grow flowers all year and had good soil for farming. The name made these people think of new adventures.

The main interaction between the settlers and natives was trading. Indians would trade moccasin's for red paint, metal hooks for fishing, cloth, and glass beads. But, sometimes they would come across not so nice indians and the kids would lay in the wagon that were in a circle and the people with guns would fight.


Pro #1-They could own land by the Manifest Destiny.

Pro#2-They had Buffalo Chips to build fires if they had no wood.

Pro#3-They weren't by them selfs they had more than one family most had about a dozen families.


Con#1-Some Indians weren't as nice as others.

Con#2-If they got lost they would probably never get there because they could take a wrong turn they could end up in Mexico.

Con#3-You could get really sick with cholera.

Did the people know where to go? Yes, there were buildings called trading posts. At these posts you could buy what you needed like food or clothes etc. Also, at these posts they would tell you the way. This is how they knew way to go.

What was daily life like on the trail? Well it was tough they would have to walk practically all day they would only stop to drink and eat. Sometimes they would stop to play but that was very rare.

One interesting fact is that there is a trail called the Donor Trail and people died and to stay alive they ate each other.

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