What is a Flood?

Floods usually happen when water moves into a place it usually doesn't cover!!!!!!! When there is too much water and the ground cannot absorb it all then the land floods.

Floods can wash away roads and bridges.

How is a flood formed?

A flood is formed by a heavy rain that causes flash floods. Rain and melting snow can make rivers or lakes overflow and causes a flood.

How long does a flood last?!

A flood can last 3 days, a month, a few months or weeks!

It depends on how much rainfall, soil and ground conditions.

How powerful can FLOODS be?

A flood can wipe out a farm.! They can also wipe out a house! They can cause so much damage and people have to evacuate and move to some place safe

Interesting Facts

A flash floods Ameres 2 feet of water can wipeout a big big vehicle! Like a big big big BUS! the U.S. history adam broke under a streem from johnstow Pennsyivania! On may 31, 1889! 2,200 people died in a flood!

Wher does a flood happen?.!

Floods usually occur at Australia becase it has the most snow!.


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