5 Themes of Geography Outing MN Tessa Judge

Washburn Lake - Outing, MN

Location: Where is it?

My cabin is located in Outing, Mn on Washburn Lake. It is near Emily, Mn and close to Roosevelt Lake. The absolute location of my cabin is, 46° 49′ 14″ N, 93° 56′ 53″ W. The community is located between Crosby and Remer near the State Highway 6 (MN 6) and Cass County Road 58. Outing is a very small town just under 2 & 1/2 hours from Rogers.

Place: What is it like?

My family owns a red cabin located in Outing, Minnesota on Washburn Lake. Outing is not a big city with a population over 380, and Washburn lake is a horseshoe shaped lake over 1,500 acres. My cabin is on a dirt road that has all different types of cabins. Some are big, small, short, tall, my cabins road has it all. When first walking into the lake, it is very shallow for a while. We have about 3 to 4 feet of beach before the lake. There is some what of a heap of grass between the sand, and grass. There are many trees surrounding not only my cabin, but the majority of cabins all around the lake. As for the climate, the winters are cold, and summers are warm. The fall and spring seasons are anywhere in between. As for animals, there are many fish throughout the lake (obviously), squirrels, deer, mice (so I've heard... EW), and actually the occasional bears! - as shown by pictures below. Most people who live in Outing live in cabin like/lake homes, or small houses around town. Most people speak English, and live just like any Minnesotan.

A bear knocking down our bird feeder!

Human/Environment Interaction

From the day we got our cabin we made changes. Some ways we have interacted with our cabins environment, is putting in new plants and mulch. Also we have made a mini fence between the lake and our yard because geese/birds would come into our yard to poop. (as seen in picture below) We also recycle as much as possible and we have a bird feeder! Some negatives, is that we burn dead wood and the we cut down trees (because they fell on our cabin.) We interact with our cabin in both positive and negative ways that affect the environment.

Movement: How do goods,ideas, and people move?

In the city of Outing, most people get around town by car. To get around on the lake, we use our pontoon, jet ski, kayaks, paddleboard, tubes, fishing boat, etc. Specifically, in my "neighborhood" (road) we are all very close. Most of us are from all different parts of Minnesota or Iowa. Since we are from different cities, different ideas spread through communication.

Some of our ways of MOVEMENT!!!


Outing Minnesota is in the Central Region of the northern part of Minnesota. Minnesota is in the Upper Midwest region of the United States. It is also located in the North American continent.

Hope you enjoyed!

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