CLIMATE CHANGE The effects on arctic animals species

Climate change/Global warming

Global warming is the warming of the Earth caused by the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases, like methane and carbon, being released into air causing the globe to gradually increase temperature. When light energy from the sun is radiated off of ice or snow on Earth, the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trap the heat making the Earth warmer.

Because of climate change...

Animals are trying to move to cooler climates

Ice caps, a home and resting area for many animals, are melting

There is food shortage for many arctic animals


Because climate change is causing the ice to melt, the Arctic Fox will find fewer dead seals left around by polar bears.


Much of the ice is melting and the homes of the Polar Bears is shrinking. Ice caps serve as a resting area for polar bears when they are hunting for food. It is much harder to live without the ice caps.


The ultraviolet rays kills the algae in the sea, which is eaten by the penguin's food source, krill. If the krill don't have algae to eat, the penguins do not have krill to eat.

Arctic Fox
Polar Bear
Chinstrap Penguin
Change in arctic ice

the known

  • Greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, trapping heat radiated off of Earth
  • Climate change has caused ice caps to melt, droughts, and rising sea level, causing food shortage and a shrinking habitat
  • More ultraviolet rays are harming species, like algae
  • If the Earth keeps warming, 1/4 of all plants and animal species will become extinct in the next 100 years

the unknown

  • Scientists do not know how fast the ice in the arctic is melting
  • Scientists don't know how long it will take for all the ice to melt---National Ice and Snow Data Centre thinks it might happen in this decade

why this is important

If the Earth keeps warming, many animals could become extinct

One animal gone effects the ecosystem and the food chain

For example, when the algae eaten by the krill is gone, the krill will have a hard time finding food and the penguins who eat the krill will starve because the krill is gone. Animals that eat the penguins will find to hard to search for food.


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