Japan Project By:Emmanuel Vinayak

Japanese samurai having a war against an army.

Shogun was a commander and chief and his successors reward worries and samuari to an office position. The worries and samurais were swered to protect the sho gun no matter what happen. If the was no shogun in japan. It would be all chaos in japan. If was no leader/ruler no one will no what to do and the crime ranting would go up and not to long japan woud have to go ghost.

The samurai would have to prove to the amida buddha by constently repeting its name and alway having logical thinking. This custom helped socity because it taught the to respek amida and also taught that nothing bad would happen if you always had logical thinking.

When a samurai is fair,honest,loyal to his lord above anything else. If samurai were different society would be in danger, because they are violent and brutal and they would look at them like stone cold killers .

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Emmanuel Vinayak

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