4B20 Ava Okeefe My Journey To America

My name is Silvia Barnetellow. I come from Greece. My journy to America was very sad. It was very fun at first but it got very bad quick. I was watching the water from the side of the boat. There was a huge lurch and I fell off the side of the boat. Every one on the boat stoped. We were in the middle of the ocean. I was scared to death. All of the sudden I heard a splash next to me in the water. It was my mom and dad. They came to save me. Eventually the boat got me out and I waited for my mom and dad to get out of the water. Thats when one of the crew members on the ship told me that my parents couldn't make it to America with me. They had drowned saving me since I couldent swim. They said I could still go to America since my older brother was 18 and already an adult. My brother didnt know yet that our parents had died. The reason he didn't know is because he was deaf and couldent read lips. No one on the ship new Sign Language except me so I had to tell him. He was very upset and had to sit down. My other brother and sister were to young to under stand. All of my siblings are Joe, Safora, and Billie. Safora and Billie are twins but they are only 2 years old. They finally started to notice that Mom and Dad weren't coming back. We finally made to Ellis Island. I have a twin but when we were on the boat he was still in Greece with our Grandparents. He was still there because he was really sick. He had Scarlet Fever and had gone untreated.He was going to come to America with our grandparents. When I saw the statue of Liberty I screamed. It was so Beautiful. I had been the first one to notice it. Every one stopped and looked. It was quiet for a momment. Then every one started to cheer. We were finaly going to get off the boat.

Like I said the Statue of Liberty was beautiful. On the way past the her, someone was telling us about her. They said she was built in France but was given to us as a gift. They also said she was a Roman Godess that stood for freedom. They even told us that she stands on a brocken chain. When we were passing her we got to see almost all angles. It was a great experiance.

I now lead a great life. I live in New York. I am 58 now. MY deaf brother Died in a Car Crash. My twin now lives with me and we own a furniture refinishing buisness. My other siblings live together in California. Billies a House remodler and Safora is a Nail artist. Me and my twin own a a studio in time square. We live in an big pent house and make a lot of money. I love to read and read to the orphanage every Friday. I reacently learned how to Sew and Knitt.

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