Top 10 Reasons Why the Channel Tunnel is Awesome! By: Mihika, Manasi, and Sansita

The Channel Tunnel is about 31 miles long. That's exactly 163,680 feet, making it the 11th longest tunnel in the world!
Great Britain and France took 17 years to decide whether to actually build a tunnel. Talk about an argument!

10. The Channel Tunnel connects Great Britain to France. It follows the English Channel, also called the Strait of Dover. The hardest decision people have to make is what to eat on the train! After all, it's hard to decide between tea and macarons!

9. From 1988-1994, the time while the bridge was in construction, the Nagorno-Karabakh War was occurring. This affected the "Chunnel"(a nickname for the bridge) because other tanks and countries plotted to destroy the bridge, in construction and after construction. "In your face!", Great Britain laughed, until their side of the tunnel flooded and had to be rebuilt.

Behold! These forces act on the Chunnel!

8. Water pushes on the tunnel's sides. For the people in the tunnel, there is a chance that the tunnel will collapse from pressure and that you will die... NO pressure! Also, there are many fires that occur in this tunnel. It's totally safe!

7. The structure of the tunnel is a tri-tunnel form. There are 3 tunnels, of which only 2 are used for transportation. The middle one is an escape route. This is rather strange because 3 is an unlucky number in Hinduism. What does this mean? It means that the Channel Tunnel is in grave danger!!!!

6. Albert Mathieu designed the Channel Tunnel and asked Transmanche Link Engineering Firm to build it. I can't think of a joke for this you guys just pretend it's funny?! PLEASE?!

In 1997, Great Britain renovated this tunnel and added an extra layer of steel and concrete, to strengthen the tunnel's exterior covering. Take that, tanks!
These boring machines excavated dirt, rock, and sand on the riverfloor. They probably got really bored!

5. To bore the tunnel, workers used boring machines. When the sand on the banks got super dense, they used dynamite in organized intervals. This sped up the process. At one point, a boring machine broke down, due to river water. Fortunately, they were able to fix this malfunction. However, it took a few weeks and slowed them down in their race with France to get to the middle first. They still won, though!

4. The need met is that the Chunnel transports passengers and goods to and fro from Great Britain and France and provides a faster route for tourists. In the first 5 years of operation, trains carried 28 million passengers and 12 million tons of freight through the tunnel!

This is a picture of Folkestone, England. The tunnel begins here, underwater.

3. The tunnel begins in Folkestone, England and ends in Sangatte, France. For all you travelers, Folkestone, England has a 5-star hotel average cost of only $127! Sangatte, France only has a 3-star hotel average cost of $78. Talk about luxury!

2. The Channel Tunnel project was a race between Great Britain and France. The winner would be whoever reached the middle of the English Channel first. The winner would receive all bragging rights. It was a friendly competition, of course, but both countries worked towards winning. In the end, Great Britain won, despite a hold-up in their technology.

1. And finally, the most impressive fact of the Channel Tunnel, is....that this tunnel is still used today and took $21 billion to complete. This was the most expensive construction project ever conceived in history! $21 billion is 700 times more expensive than the Golden Gate Bridge.

Did you know?

-U.K. plotted to blow up the entire Chunnel! Luckily, they did not succeed.

-Most of the tunnel boring machines used on the Chunnel were as long as 2 football fields put together and were capable of boring up to 250 feet a day!

Lastly, we have a treat for everyone: A Skit! Enjoy!

Thank you for listening!

Sources used: -BUILDING BIG: Tunnel Basics.

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