Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 1st may 2020

Dear Parents/Carers and students

I hope you and you families are healthy and safe. Next week we will be closed on Friday 8th May because it is May bank holiday. There will be no lessons on that day and the school will not be physically open.

The current lockdown has brought a lot of sudden change and uncertainty to our lives. NHS East Berkshire have put together a range of resources to support families during the Covid-19 pandemic. It includes specific advice on

• Parenting

• Family relationships and

• Mental health and wellbeing

The link for the resources on their website is https://www.eastberkshireccg.nhs.uk/our-work/coping-guides/

Please take advantage of these excellent resources, which can also be accessed on the News section of our website.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Ray Hinds


*Artist of the Week*

Patrycja Kozaczuk – Studying portraiture in Y9. Her work has been developed in the style of Illustrator Iain Macarthur.

Op Art

Op art, short for optical art, is a style of visual art that uses optical illusions. Op art works are abstract pieces created in black and white. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement and hidden images.

Zaara Syed

Year 7

Op Art animals

This lovely piece of work was created by Grace Downs in Year 8- using coffee!

Well done Grace!


Sofia Eiman Year 9 Poem on good vs evil based on the book of the school of good and evil:

When they were kidnapped,

In a school they were trapped

Agatha cried to go back

But Sophie only wanted to switch

So, she could be the gorgeous princess

And Agatha the dark witch

They went to class

Challenges they had to pass,

Sophie wanted a kiss

But Agatha didn’t wish for this

Because no one wanted her

Tedros was convinced

For Agatha he fell

As love as fast as a spell,

Sophie had her dream stolen

For a witch had been mistaken

So she became a witch herself

Merciless, wicked and broken

Then she attacked

It was the glass castle she destroyed

But the school master had dangerous plans

Sophie sacrificed

For pain she suffered

Agatha saved her

And then went home

The princess and the witch

Amrah Mohammed Janoofar
Hannah Bunce Year 11
Mahin Mazhar Year 10
Rahmar Aijaz Year 8
Sanjana Gill Year 7

We are so proud of this brilliant cultural enrichment work coming in from all year groups

Staff enrichment

This lovely watercolour was created by Ms Devaney.

Your Cultural Enrichment projects are bringing joy to us all.

Well done,

Mrs Coulson

We would recommend that all students stick to their regular routine and timings of the school day which will help you keep on top of the workload that is expected of you.

if you have any questions or are struggling with any aspect of remote learning please remember that all of your teachers are here for you! Contact them by school email or on Teams during your lesson time.

Speakers for Schools – Virtual Talks


Dr Nira Chamberlain – President, IMA & Visiting Fellow, Loughborough University Mathematical Sciences Department

‘What is the point of mathematics?’

Today, I participated in a Careers Talk by Dr. Nira Chamberlain about the study and importance of Mathematics. He discussed how his job of being a Mathematician is involved in his daily life, obstacles he encountered during his journey to become a Mathematician e.g. people telling him he should pursue a difference career, being a contrasting individual between others and his friends, etc. but he also emphasised the importance of never giving up, no matter how hard the problem is. In my opinion, it was a very inspiring talk and it has encouraged me to get up and work harder in school and in general, as it helped me realised the importance of effort and resilience in our lives. It also made me think about how necessary Maths is all over the world e.g. models, graphs, and statistics representing COVID-19 Cases, etc. and how without it, many problems/issues may not have been solved. - Mahak Arora, 10 Nightingale

: Penguin Talks

Hosts: Chloe Brotheridge and Sara Milne Rowe

Student: Amelia Kowalska 10 Grey Thompson

This week, year 9 and 10's had the opportunity to attend a virtual talk hosted by school speakers. The experience was a fantastic opportunity to hear from people who work in different industries.

I attended a virtual talk discussing the mind, how to keep yourself happy and stimulate specific thoughts. I found this incredibly engaging, many transferable skills such as learning to 'develop your mantra' and discovering ways to calm down in stressful dilemmas were introduced. As a student who wants to pursue a career of a behavioural therapist, I found it to be quite helpful to begin learning about the mind. With no hesitation, I would recommend attending these virtual talks because they are inspiring and motivating. I'm glad the school provided us with this opportunity!

Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme

We believe nothing better inspires young people than the direct sharing of advice and experiences.

Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme provides a network of today’s most inspiring figures across business, arts, politics and more donating their time to help inspire students to fuel their ambition. We are passionate about providing a high quality and personal service, making it seamless for speakers, educators and organisations to get involved. Speakers in the network range from CEOs of major companies to notable national journalists, arts people, scientists, leading entrepreneurs and academics.

Previous talks can be viewed via this link

They also offer VTalks (Virtual Talks) so you can attend a career talk online which during the current pandemic is a great way to learn & gain knowledge about any future career aspects.

The SFS VTalks programme will consist of a timetable of curated content that will be livestreamed to young people studying at home and those still attending school. For the remainder of this academic year, SFS will curate 2 talks per day that young people can access and engage with speakers by asking questions – talks will take place at 10.00 and 14.00, Monday to Friday.

Upcoming VTalks:

• Branko Bjelobaba: Finance and Engaging in Democracy, Mon 04/05 10am

• Carl Jones: Award-Winning International Creative Director, Mon 04/05 2pm

• Kathleen Alder: Managing Director, WildKat PR, Tue 05/05 10am

• Geoff Mulgan: CBE, Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy & Social Innovation, Tue 05/05 2pm

• Liz O’Riordan: Retired Consultant Breast Surgeon and Breast Cancer Patient, Author, The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer – Wed 06/05 10am

• Bill McCaffrey: Professor of Sedimentology, University of Leeds – Wed 06/05 2pm

• Penguin Talks - Your Squiggly Career – Thurs 07/05 10am

• Dr Janvi Patel: Entrepreneur, FemaleFounder & Board Advisor, Ambassador for Equality – Thurs 07/05 2pm

Careers in History

At Baylis we offer the AQA GCSE History and A level course. History GCSE helps provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to study other post 16 subjects such as politics, law, psychology and sociology, English literature or classics.

After studying History, you may wish to study History at university or combine it with another subject of interest. Many students who wish to work in law as either a barrister or solicitor will study History first then go onto do a law conversion course.

Many history graduates also use their degrees to start their careers in journalism, heritage politics and international relations.


Below is a list of transferable skills developed in History that can be applied to all careers:

• Forming well-reasoned balanced arguments

• Team work

• Organisation

• Analysing & evaluating

• Identifying the causes and consequences of events

• Professionalism

• Identifying trends over short and long periods of time

Careers Options: Historian, professor, teacher, solicitor, Politician, archivist, curator, journalist, Academic librarian, Archaeologist, Civil Service, Human resources, Marketing, Talent agent

Where can History a History degree take you? Ask History graduate Jessica Hope

Here's a brief overview of how my degree has helped me in my job roles since graduating from Royal Holloway University of London in 2015.

At the end of my degree, I secured a six-month internship at BBC History Magazine working as an online journalist, writing and researching articles. I think it was a combination of my historical knowledge, my research skills and grasp of language that I had built on during my degree that helped me get this role.

After my internship ended, I went on to work for The Bath Magazine and The Bristol Magazine - two local glossy lifestyle magazines. I wrote lots of articles on local history, new exhibitions and conducted interviews with actors coming to local theatres. Again, my degree helped me in applying my historical knowledge to these articles. My degree also helped me to become a better proof reader and editor of my own work which I was able to apply to this role.

I have recently joined Historic England, a public body that helps protect England's historic and listed buildings. I work on guidance publications on how to protect buildings. My love and knowledge of historic buildings that I developed during my degree certainly helped me get this job, and now I'm able to make a small impact in helping to protect these buildings for generations to come.

KEEP FIT AT HOME WITH THE British Heart Foundation

The Lounge Work Out!! (only 10 minutes!)

Resistance Bands Workout

Strength & Flexibility at Home


Lesson 1 – Coordination and Ball Skills At Home

Lesson 2 – Footwork Patterns & Movement


4Motion Online Dance and Yoga Classes


Active Slough Online Fitness

Active at home – Slough Borough Council


Skill Related and Health Related Fitness at Home

At Home Family Fitness 26.2 Tracker



Work out sessions, Track your fitness, Nutrition advice



Abs workout, Seated Yoga, Cardio jump workout, Pillow and roller workout



Week 1 – The power of team fitness introduced by Dina Asher Smith

Week 2 – The need for speed introduced by Charlotte Perdue

Marathon Kids sessions, Kids run free sessions, Change for life health and fitness, Women in sport – workout sessions