Holden's party mix Aston p.2

Holden is very discreet about his emotions for Jane, yet he still acts very protective over her. We later find out that he still has feelings for Jane when Holden mentions, "... I got old Jane Gallagher on the brain again. I got her on and i couldn't get her off" (Sallinger 76). All before this Holden's intentions weren't very clear and were very confusing. This song relates to Caulfield's relationship with Jane when the singer says, " I'm just a should who's intentions are good Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood" (Burdon 5-6). Holden's intentions are misunderstood like the Burdon's intentions in the song.

After Holden gets off at Penn station he goes to a pay phone to call somebody that could possibly help him. At this moment he thinks of people to call until eventually he vend up,"... not calling anybody" ( Salinger 59). This feeling of loneliness can be found in this song when Mac Demarco begins describing the feeling of being, "Alone" (Demarco 11).

It is clear that Holden and other characters such as straddler have quite a fascination with New York. Whenever they think of fun things to do at Pency they always mention visiting ,"New York" (34). I chose this song because the writer of paradise city must have held their home city to a happy standard in the same way Holden and his peers view New york. Axl Rose says in the song, " take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" (1-2 Rose)

After getting into a fight with Stradler Holden begins to have depressing thoughts. This song matches Holdens mood due to the fact that the lyrics have a sad reminiscent tone that matches the mood when holden describes everything as "depressing" (50). The songwriter questions himself in a reminiscent way when he asks, "has the world changed or have i changed?" (Morrissey 12).

In the story Holden makes it noticeable that he still has feelings for Jane Gallagher by constantly recollecting the things they used to do together and how they met. It is clear that Straddler's relationship with Jane has caused Holden to feel some jealousy. The song Hello, by J. Cole captures the reminiscent tone that Holden might feel about the times he spent with Jane. In the song, Cole mentions that he, "thought about the things you used to say And I thought about the games you used to play" (Cole 14). This appropriately matches Holden's situation after he was told about Jane and Straddler's relationship, considering that he remembered that he, "...used to play checkers with her all the time" (Salinger 31).


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