Crissy Field to Ocean Beach San francisco, ca

San Francisco is a walking city.

Despite the steep hills it's one of the best cities for walking. San Francisco is small, otherwise known as 7x7 because it's seven miles across East to West and North to South, so the best way to increase you mileage is to simply wander around!

Sometimes Mom doesn't have the time to take me out to new trails, and because the weather is usually the same everyday, she doesn't mind staying in the city and and exploring. Plus it's nice not having to drive and park! For those who are wondering how to get around with your pup, did you know San Francisco is one of the most dog-friendly cities? When mom can't walk anymore she just calls an Uber! She always calls the driver before pick up to confirm (s)he's ok with me as a passenger and most of them can't refuse once they see me and all my fluffiness! Sometimes I leave a trail of fur behind too...

My car positions

This past weekend we decided to hike around the Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio Park. That means we started in Crissy Field beach, walked towards the bridge through Presidio to Baker Beach and then through Land's End Trail to Ocean Beach. This route has it all: beaches, forest, epic mountain views, and stairs so the humans can get an extra work out in ;)

Crissy Field beach is a great place to start since it's a dog friendly beach. We started here at 9:30 am and I got to romp around before being leashed on our way to Presidio. For our route to the Presidio we walked along Old Mason St, which has a dedicated pedestrian/bike path that gets very busy on the weekends. It's recommended that we stay leashed along this trail since there are so many bikers, runners, and other activities going on in Crissy Field. No accidents please!

As you make your way to Presidio Park you start to go uphill and climb a staircase towards the Golden Gate Bridge welcome center - and wow - you get some amazing views here!

Getting a history lesson

Follow Lincoln Blvd

There's also a designated path here, it's narrow so please make way for faster traffic. I tried to make Mom walk faster but she was too busy taking pictures!


Once you turn on the trail heading down to Baker Beach then we're free to run! It's a wide path directly to the beach. There are lots of other trails around here too, so you can definitely wander around and explore all the old military structures.

Did you know Baker Beach is also a nudist beach? 😳 Luckily, we didn't see anything when we were there except lots of families and pups running around.

We walked along the beach (that's 2 beaches in 1 day!) and exited from the other end.

More stairs!!

Mom leashed me back up until we got to Lands End Trail since we had to walk through Pacific Heights neighborhood. That was ok with me anyway since I was getting pooped. Even though there aren't any ocean or bridge views, it's sure a nice neighborhood!

After Lands End trail it's back on the leash and from there a quick downhill walk to Ocean Beach - that was my 3rd beach that day, woohoo!

By the time we walked down Ocean Beach it was lunch time, and boy was I starving! I didn't need to run around anymore. In fact, I just wanted to find some shade and lie down so we made a quick walk to the Beach Chalet which has outdoor seating (and also gets very crowded on nice weekends).

That's my serious face

We hope you take the time to explore the city!

After all, it's practically our backyard and there's SO much to see! Just make sure to pack plenty of water, sunscreen, and for us pups some paw wax can also help with all the asphalt and heat.

Happy walking!

🐾 Caesar

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