Healing Communities with Art4Space

Who are we and why us?

Art4Space is a small not-for-profit community arts organisation, specialising in ceramic and mosaic artworks. We have been working in London for over 20 years, helping support and bond communities through the arts. We've been working tirelessly to develop a way to continue inspiring and nourishing Creativity and Wellbeing, during this crisis.

We have adapted our project approach to meet social distancing guidelines and create safe environments where inclusive and healing community projects can take place.

Community Celebration Mosaic

“It is the alchemy between people that create magic”- Julie Norburn, Director, on collaboration.

Our project focuses on creating a stunning community mosaic that will lift and revitalise both the space and the participants, during these extreme circumstances. Participants will be involved at the initial stage of the project by sharing stories, drawings and artwork, then progressing onto making elements for the finished piece. We will follow social distancing guidelines at all stages of the project.

Stages of the Project:

Patchwork Pictures

We want to capture the community voice and give people the opportunity to express their feelings and creativity. We invite community participants to share their experiences on an A4 piece of paper. It can be a doodle, a poem, a therapeutic painting, whatever captures this moment for you. These moments will come together virtually as an online exhibition platform.

Example of a collective mood board

Stories of Covid

We will then collect and curate the pieces, thinking about the flow and design across the panel ensuring all stories have a voice. We can adapt the composition once the location has been identified and we will allow room for input and feedback.

Peace by Piece

(collaboration, creativity, collective, comfort)

We aim to have a flexible approach to the workshops, to ensure all participants have an opportunity to create elements for the panel in a safe and nurturing environment. Workshops include ceramics and mosaics.

A panel example combining ceramic and mosaic

We can practice social distancing in community centres, perhaps offer limited households and time slots. We can offer ‘Mosaic in a Box’ which would contain everything a participant needs to complete a mosaic section in isolation. Schools could also take part, which would be smaller groups with our tutors.

Working with clay can be very therapeutic for participants

Pulling Together

growth, wellbeing, healing, cohesion

Everything brought back to our Stockwell studio where our artists will pull the artwork together, fire and glaze ceramics and finish mosaic panels.

Cementing History

Art4Space installation team install the panel. We can document and photograph the piece coming together, shining a light on soul memories, belonging and a cooperative society.

Memorial Mosaic

wishes, dreams, desires, respect, serendipity, narrative

We hold a unity event, which could have virtual elements. A time to reflect and admire the collective art piece. Creating a moment of stillness to remember the losses and struggles during Covid19.

Time to Shine

celebration, memory, history, passion projects – galvanising a life changing time

We can tailor our projects to suit your budget, number of participants and timings, and can support any funding applications required. This will become a legacy project for many to enjoy over the coming years.

Here are a few examples of recent mosaic projects:

Roupell Community Centre

This example mural uses a lot of handmade ceramic pieces. We worked with several community groups and residents to create this organic piece for the exterior walls of their community centre.

Individual large ceramic pieces make up the sunflowers.
The handmade ceramic rose heads and leaves are combined with mosaic.

Honeywell Primary School

We worked with the pupils to create a large scale wall mosaic depicting past, present and future for a school in Clapham.

Yr 6 chose the hot air balloons to express their transition to secondary school. They used words like aspiration, optimism and adventure.

Clever use of background colours add drama to the balloons.

The panels are brought together with a playful foreground of "real life" objects.

Traditional mosaic squares are used to create the school as it was in the Victorian era.

The Shard - Bar32

Commission to bring unique character to a new tapas bar on the ground floor of The Shard at London Bridge.

Work in progress on a mesh design
Ready for installation

The panels are a celebration of London and the history of the local area expressed through symbolism and pattern.

We used a range of materials including marble and found crockery.

Loughborough Park Estate

This mosaic mural celebrates the history of the estate during a period of regeneration and is located in their new playground.

We worked closely with young people and their families on the idea and design. They decided on a colourful, modern and abstract mural.

Workshop in the community centre

Strong ceramic pieces add texture and interest to the design.

installation on site
Bespoke ceramic made by resident

Thank you for your time and please contact us if you have any queries!

Create. Connect. Inspire.

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