Tattoos on the heart By joey orsi

1 God I guess in this chapter father Greg talks about our touch stone images of God ( ex controlling principal ). He also talks about willy rascal.but my favorite story from the chapter is about 60 minutes . father Greg tells about the time he had a 60 ministers reporter show up to do a story Ina bullet proof vest . He says that the reporter was expecting monsters and that his option changed as he spent more time around the homies

Chapter 3 compassion During this chapter father talks about his time teaching in a prison . He also talks about mijo and how he is the real deal . But my favorite story is about the imitates, they were all so eager to tell him what empathy and sympathy were but they had to stop and think before letting an older and wiser in,ate answer . He said that compassion was what Jesus did , this struck me as very profound

Chapter 4 water oil and flame In this chapter father g talks about Terry and her red dress. Gangs conditional love andgeorge Martinez . Georges story is my favorite because of the way he grives . Father Greg said that his grief is like gods . I also liked that he didn't let his brothers death consume him and that he kept going on with his life.

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