The Sea Voyage Adventure By: Javon spencer, Raj Rai, Alana lawrence

The adventure! of Alana, Raj and Javon! All started in Miami Florida when our boat broke down in the middle of nowhere, in the ocean! So this is a great time for us to come together to get too our destination of Cape Town Africa.

The sea was flooding with huge waves just throwing our boat different ways! But on the boat I realized that me and my crew was close to Miami,FL and I knew we were close to the Golf Stream current about a latitude of 32.1 North and longitude of 81.1 West.

As we moved upwards the Golf Stream now at a latitude of 34.1 North and longitude of 88.1 West, we encountered some weird creatures, we encountered a lion fish as me and my crew looked over the boat in the clear warm water! Seeing the lion fish in HD crystal clear, we saw a couple of them sneaking up from the salty sand at the bottom of the water's end.

Raj knowing the Currents we had to float through to get to Africa he knew that we were in the North Atlantic Drift current located at a Longitude of 30 N and of Latitude- 30 W. as our boat was floating Alana pointed out a blow fish puffing in the water ahead of us. Then out of know where the blow fish got nervous and puffed open which was pretty funny in the type situation we were in. And we got the evidence as the water hit us that we were in a warm water territory.

As we moved farther on the current I noticed that at the bottom of the ocean I've seen a coral reef trench with multiple different types of fish. just swimming all around the trench. With all those fish it was around the trench it was actually normal with the type of water temperature we were in, so it was normal for the current we were in. We were all amazed looking back as our boat passed.

Me and Alana noticed that the current was getting wider as our boat floated ahead, and Raj told us we are now entering the Canary Current and I looked at my my compass we were at 40° NW latitude with a longitude of 58 degrees West. And then our boat slow down as I was freaking out Raj have mentioned that this current was the slowest and warmest current in the Atlantic Ocean.

As our boat moved slower and slower through the Canary current at a longitude of 73 degrees West and latitude of 58 degrees North, Raj seen two huge green looking rocks ahead of our boat then out of no where they started moving around the reefs under the boat. But as we got closer we noticed that they were Green Sea Turtle which were natives to be found in the Canary Current, not really rare to see in this region. But we couldn't stay long as our boat kept pushing through the ocean waves!!

As I looked down at my compass it marked that we were heading Westward and Alana explained to us to get prepared because its gonna be a little cold in our weather because we are entering the Equatorial Counter Current at a longitude of 40 degrees and a latitude of 5 degrees, the beginning of the coldest Currents in the Atlantic. As our boat moved through the freezing water at a predicted 16 mph, our boat started shaking back and fourth so me and Raj and Alana looked at each other and told each other to stay calm and look over the boat and see what it is. As we looked over our boat we seen a huge 22 foot Hammer head Shark just trolling our boat for about 2 miles!!

As we moved through the Equatorial Current at a longitude of 20 degrees and latitude of 8 degrees West, then suddenly the hammer head shark finally left and out of nowhere we realized why the huge Hammer Head left because ahead of us was a huge ocean vortex that threw our boat back and forth and eventually spinned our boat 360 degrees!!!! And the powerful vortex threw everyone all across the boat!!

As the boat settled I looked for my compass to find out that we were on our same path to Africa, Alana told me we should be on the current of the South Equatorial with our longitude being 20 degrees West and 5 degrees for our latitude. On the Southern Equatorial it was very windy with the clear water reflecting back on us, but as we looked closely the water was shifting back and forth and before we knew it it was a huge colony of sting rays all cluttered together.

The farther our boat went on the current of the South Equatorial we encountered separate types of deep sea trenches with different types of colorful fishes hiding in the cracks of the trench which was normal for the longitude of 25 degrees West and latitude of 15 degrees South.

Our boat was pushed South in the current of the Brazil at a latitude of 14.° S, and longitude of 51.1° West into a tropical region. And as the waves pushed our boats Raj spotted two huge killer whales jumping in and out the water headed right twords us! So me and Raj and Alana got prepared to get down for cover and as we went to the ground of the boat the two killer whales jumped straight over our boat as the warm water hit our faces, but in a magical disappearance into the water the killer whales swam away!

After that close call with the killer whales me and my crew took a long nap from most of our long journey. And as me and my crew slept we woke up because of the freezing weather. However me and crew came together to figure out why the weather has changed so dramatically. then we all came to the conclusion that our boat headed South and if our calculations was right we should be headed straight to Africa!

As me and my group was talking we hit a huge whirlpool and my group hit the boat hard with our head and we were all passed out from hitting our heads to hard. As we were out our boat floated about 20 miles Eastward twords Africa.

Our boat hit ashore,,, and before we finally woke we heard birds chirping and then me Raj and Alana looked at each other in accomplishment and as we turned around we were in Cape Town, Africa!!! Our destination from the start before our boat broke down!!



Created with images by James St. John - "Marine shoreline of Cayo Costa Island (Pine Island Sound, Florida, USA) 1" • Storm's - "Stranded Boat" • 88rabbit - "Wave" • Bladeflyer - "Lionfish" • KevinYi - "pufferfish tetraodontidae fish" • lpittman - "divers underwater ocean" • bphelan - "sea turtle green sea turtle giant sea" • PublicDomainPictures - "abstract aqua background" • joelrivlin - "Hammer-head shark" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "A Glorious View [detail]" • chanicey - "More Sting Rays" • r.mcminds - "20160614--IMG_0064.jpg" • skeeze - "killer whales orcas breaching" • elisaboba - "sailing boat" • tolomea - "Whirlpool" • Frank.Vassen - "Citrine Wagtail (Motacilla citreola), Mścichy, Biebrza Marshes, Poland" • Treforlutions TreVizionz - "Boat ashore VCI Oct"

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