Amerigo Vespucci By: James Mulhollan

Young Amerigo Vespucci


  • He was born in Florence, Italy, on March 9, 1454 or 1451
  • His family were great friends with the Medici family
  • Vespucci's first job was when he was a spokesperson in France for the Medici Family
  • While he was on that trip he met Christopher Columbus
  • Christopher said in some pf his writings that Amerigo was a very smart, wise, and brave young man
  • Also he became rich after working for the Medici Family
San Antiago, Hi0s route (solid line is first expedition, dotted line is his second expedition), and Amerigo


  • Amerigo had four expeditions
  • His first two expeditions were under the Spanish flag
  • He went to Venezuela before Columbus
  • His first expedition he didn't really find much things so he went back to Spain
  • On his second voyage he was in command of Alonzo de Ojeda
  • When they landed in Guyana he didn't see Alonzo's ship so he decided to travel down the coast into Brazil
  • He discovered the Amazon River during that voyage
  • His third and fourth voyages were under the Portuguese Flag
  • His third expedition was his most successful
  • He discovered present day Rio de Janeiro and Rio de la Plata
  • In his fourth voyage was a failure so he decided to go back to Portugal

Native American Encounters

  • He wrote letters to friends about the Native Americans
  • The natives did not like the Spanish taking their land so they attacked them
  • Some Native Americans were killed or would travel to Europe to be a slave

The NAme America

  • Some map makers after Amerigo died named the new land America
  • The map makers named it America because they took Amerigo and changed it to latin, and made it feminine


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