The Book Thief Themes Dylon bronson


Theme- Actions always have consequences

"'The smell of victory', he would say. Oh, and one more thing. He would die with his mouth open." (Death, 463)

A soldier in Hans' platoon does not like him because he thinks that Hans cheats during card games. When him and his platoon were driving to a town, Hans wanted to switch seats with the soldier but he did not comply. Because of this the soldier was killed when the truck went off the side of a cliff.

How this picture relates to this theme is that because of Bin ladens actions, he payed the price and he was shot by a soldier in SEAL Team 6

both in the book and the real world example relate due to, the soldier not liking Hans and he ends up dead because of it...and because of his actions, Bin Ladin was killed by SEAL Team 6


Except Whats Happening

"She sees the bodies of Rosa and Hans and reluctantly forces herself to say goodbye to them as well." (Death Part 10)

In this quote Leisel has to deal with the fact that her caretakers and her best friend is dead, she doesn't want to believe it but she has to and live with it.

This picture relates because the man obviously is in pain with the loss of his son or friend or even brother during the Vietnam War. And he now has to except the fact that he is gone.



''She tells Liesel not to punish herself'' (Part 10)

With all of the loss Leisel has had she feels overwhelmed and she cant take it anymore. She cant change what's happening and she just has to live life.

We cant change what happened over Japan. Its done and over with, we cant change anything

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