Life Cycle of a Pallet They really do get around

In today's world almost everything travels by pallet. Over 500 million pallets are manufactured in the U.S. every year. Over 90 percent of pallets are made out of solid wood. It is estimated that on any given day, 1.8 to 1.9 billion pallets are in use in the nation to store and distribute products. The wood fiber use in wood pallets, combined with the wood fiber use in corrugated containers, make the storage and distribution of consumer and industrial products in wood boxes and pallets the largest single use of wood fiber in the U.S.

These figures refer to pallets in daily use.
Photo credit Clark forklifts 1956

Pallets are used to enable the easy transportation of goods and products through the supply chain, generally by hydrolic forklift.

Companies who specialize in pallet recovery and repair pick up spent pallets from high volume users and return them to repair facilities for future use. This keeps the same pallets in circulation and allows for a much longer life cycle. Business who depend on pallets to store and transport their goods do what they can to meet ecological responsibilities by participating in these programs.

Responsible supply chain Managment.

Commercial consumers have resources available to keep circulation of used pallets seamless.

Ultimately each pallet will see a day where it is no longer used in the supply chain. 54% of wood pallets are used for only one shipment, and then either stored, burned or thrown away.

Photo by Paul Edmondson

Often, general consumers find the curb to be the ultimate destination once a pallet has delivered its goods.

What happens to these serviceable staples once they've fulfilled their life's purpose? The fortunate ones replace costly materials and turn over a new leaf. Just about everything! Scroll down for some examples of reclaimed pallets in their new life.

Often, wood from pallets destined for trash pickup get a last minute reprieve from a resourceful local. Will Frary is the resident blacksmith in Grapevine, Texas. This video shows how he fuels his forge with scrap pieces from crates delivered to his neighbor in place of coal. Will is proud that his goods are made with recycled materials. Daily, visitors to historic downtown Grapevine enjoy his careful craftsmanship.

Plans for this tiny mansion made from recycled pallets can be found online

Dog house, play house or actual house, pallets make sturdy structures for keeping cozy.

Outdoor seating can be costly. This DIY project saves hundreds of dollars.

Scale seating to suit your needs easily with the addition of another stack

Pallets can be used in living and work spaces.

There's no limit to the creative solutions a retired pallet can provide. Don't believe it? We'll prove it!

You can do it yourself with a few simple tools. Home Depot can help.

Earth Day Texas is a not for profit organization focused on environmental education. This exhibit is brought to you by the generosity of our sponsors and the donation of materials and tools. You'll be inspired by all the ways pallets can be transformed.

Come to Fair Park in Dallas, TX April 21-23, 2017 for Earth Day Texas' demonstration on Pallets: A New Leaf

Education in ecological resplendence.
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